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New sport dubbed ‘foot golf’ growing in popularity: “As long as you can kick a ball, you can play”.

CEDARBURG -- Golf is commonly known as the "gentleman's sport," while soccer can be seen as the "hooligan's sport." Mix them together, and you get an interesting new sport -- foot golf.

The U8 Fusion Academy soccer team wrapped up their fall season with a fun and unusual get together. "The kids worked hard this year. It's just nice to have something fun," said Jake Hatzenbuhler, U8 Fusion Academy soccer coach. That 'something fun' is foot golf! The sport is somewhat new to the United States, but it is growing in popularity. "It's really nice because it's an activity that anybody can do," said Kurt Baehmann, Baehmann's Golf Center director of operations.

Growing footgolf seeks harmony with golf

CHICAGO – Footgolfers don't act all that different from golfers.

They throw up a tuft of grass to check the wind, take practice swings and mark their ball.

They have their own colorful regalia and curse errant shots as their ball sails into the trees.

They form clubs and compete against one another, shake hands on the 18th green, then head to the clubhouse for drinks.